Manage customer lists

Manage customer lists

Hiya Mail makes it easy to manage, segment and target your customer data base – so you can send out the same message to everyone, or different messages to specific groups.


Unlimited lists and fields can be entered or imported then organised and edited. So you target customers as precisely as you want with personalized and timely  messages.


Multiple lists
Manage unlimited customer lists within your account. Hiya Mail handles duplicates for you allowing you to target your campaigns to specific subscribers easily.


Import with ease
Import customer details using an MS Excel or .csv file or by typing in the data manually. Hiya Mail accepts unlimited fields, allowing you to target customers effectively and accurately.


Segment your list
Divide your customers up to send emails to specific groups based on demographic or behavioural data. For instance, you can send to all those who opened the last email or clicked on a link.


Embed a subscribe form on your site
Insert a simple form into your site and you can gather data directly and input it into your Hiya Mail account, ready to use in your next campaign.


Other features
Export subscribers at any time
Search or edit subscriber information
Filter subscribers and generate reports

Some Hiya Love

  • Jon - PDR
    “It’s brilliant that something so powerful can be so simple"
  • Darren - Marketing
    “Hiya Mail is a feature rich platform and very easy to use, no wonder so many big brands use it. Well recommended and best of all very affordable.”
  • Andy - flavr
    "Having tried them all we are glad that we have found or email and online campaign partner for years to come!”
  • Rupy - MLF
    "Hiya Mail has exceeded my expectations in all possible ways. I would highly recommend HiyaMail to other organisations.”