New year… new email?

Jan 10

As we all know, email marketing isn’t new – in fact it’s been around as long as email itself.  And contrary to all the popular myths out there, email responses are growing and good campaigns are seeing more click throughs and more page impressions once the clicker is on your site.

How? Why? …well marketers are now ‘listening’ and ‘responding’ to what people want.

Take Amazon for example, they grow year on year and they are not spending millions on advertising but subtlety get each of us back on their site with specific targeted campaigns based on our past activity… So yesterday I was looking at a car mechanics book…. a few days later they send me an email with offers and further information on books which, wait for it, I might be interested in…

Now let us try this approach with your customers… let’s assume that last month there were 6 links in your newsletter, each going to a certain product or service. Now of course your email marketing platform is recording which links are being clicked on and by who, so let’s act on this and send clickers more information on what they were interested in… what they clicked on.

Now it’s important to follow that up with more information that will inspire them to engage further so lets not bore them with a sermon on it, but feed them with what they are looking for… a bite size piece of information that takes them through to a specific landing page with a call to action… download a white paper or request a call back for example.

Now this is just a taster of some of the things that you could be doing if you aren’t already. If you would like a review of your current email campaigns then please drop me a line, i’d be happy to help you create a suitable campaign with you or just be a sounding board if you have a campaign coming up.

Here’s to a great 2012!

Donna – 0207 047 8111

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