Latest Email Track study from the DMA

Nov 22

I have just avidly read through the latest email study from the DMA, which covers email activity from the masses… i.e. not us email marketers.

As usual it takes  a study to remind us that the mortals of the non email marketing world actually are not strapped to their PCs, Macs and Blackberry’s.. and now iPhone 3, 3s, 4 and 4s.

It seems that only Marketers spend over 3 hours a day looking at their emails that’s a mere 29% of the people asked, and most of those are during work hours. The remainder of the 71% spend less than 2 hours next to their emails with most spending just a few minutes on it.

So this means 2 things:

1.       When people view their inboxes they do it infrequently and therefore have a lot of emails to get through

2.       You HAVE to stand out within their inbox

In my last blog I gave the top 10 things to test… and one that is paramount here is what is the best time to send… look at your current stats and send when people are in their inbox! Not elsewhere.

Another thing that became apparent is that the mobile device is there as an ‘email filter’ where people scan what they want to keep while deleting all others… so make sure that your email is clear and to the point so it doesn’t get filtered by the worst filter… your recipient!

As always if you need any help or if this has raised any thoughts give us a call….

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