Hiya Mail is a ‘Software as a Service’ email management platform created in-house by a specialist team who have delivered service, support – and results! – to companies large and small for over 10 years. We help businesses like yours to create and manage their own email campaigns and respond quickly to results.


Our corporate clients list includes names like Vodafone and Unilver. They’ve used our platform to create and send out endless millions of emails and to produce outstanding ROI from them.  Now that same platform – combined with Hiya Mail’s expertise and experience – can help you and your business share that success with your own highly effective email marketing.


Over the years, we  have listened, learned, and worked hard. We have concentrated on the importance of delivery rates, targeted campaigns, effortless integration, and most importantly ease of use. With the experience and expertise we have gained, we’ve built a system that brings the best of email marketing to your fingertips – and makes it easy and affordable.


Hiya Mail provides the perfect platform for success, in a marketing sector that’s cost-effective, incredibly efficient….and immensely rewarding.

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Some Hiya Love

  • Jon - PDR
    “It’s brilliant that something so powerful can be so simple"
  • Darren - Marketing
    “Hiya Mail is a feature rich platform and very easy to use, no wonder so many big brands use it. Well recommended and best of all very affordable.”
  • Andy - flavr
    "Having tried them all we are glad that we have found or email and online campaign partner for years to come!”
  • Rupy - MLF
    "Hiya Mail has exceeded my expectations in all possible ways. I would highly recommend HiyaMail to other organisations.”